Members of the Group

The shiny dome is full of obscure NMR facts, honest

Dr James Keeler

Telephone: 01223 336428
Selwyn College

James likes a good crusty bagette

Promotion, at last!

Current Students

PhD Students

·  Andrew Pell

Part III Students

·  Michael Scott

·  Michael Tayler

Past Members


·  Nicolas Segebarth (now at l'Université Libre de Bruxelles)

·  Daniel Nietlispach (now at The CCMR NMR Facility)

·  Georg Kontaxis (now at The National Institutes of Health)

PhD Students

·  Richard Edden (now at Cardiff)

·  Michael Thrippleton (now at The University of Glasgow)

·  Andy Phillips (now at AstraZeneca, Macclesfield)

·  Niko Loening (now at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.)

·  Katherine Stott (now at The CCMR NMR Facility)

·  Jon Stonehouse (now at Procter and Gamble)

·  Chun-wa Chung (now at Glaxo Wellcome Medicines Research Centre)

·  Adrian Davis (now at Pfizer)

·  Julia Richardson (now at The University of Edinburgh)

·  Graham Shaw

·  Gavin Estcourt

·  Jeremy Titman (now at The University of Nottingham)

·  John Cavanagh (now at North Carolina State University)

Visiting Student

·  Nuria Esturau (now at Eli Lilly - Spain)

Part III Students

·  Ben Simmons (2006-2007)

·  Nick England (2005-2006)

·  Alex Thom

·  John Kirkpatrick (2001-2002) (now in the Department of Biochemistry, Univeristy of Cambridge)

·  Graeme Ball (2000-2001) (now at The University of Edinburgh)

·  Andy Brown (1999-2000) (now working for Dr Sophie Jackson)

·  Yoshi Takanuki (1998-1999)

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